About Hiring Circle

Who we are & what we do

Hiring Circle is an executive search firm and global hiring platform for junior and mid-level talent within alternative asset management and investment banking.  Hiring Circle was founded with clear objectives: maximise the chances of finding the right candidates for every search, significantly reduce the time and effort it takes to do this and make the process fairer and more transparent for clients and candidates.

The traditional search model isn’t broken; but nor is it perfect.  After decades of placing candidates from Analyst to Partner level at leading investment banks and funds and seeing not much change in the process, we felt it was time to do things differently.  By combining our extensive headhunting experience with a bespoke tech platform, we overcome many of the limitations of traditional search or direct hiring, creating a smarter way to hire.

The platform is able to cast the net wide to reach a higher number of potential candidates and deliver exceptional shortlists to our clients, fast and in several cases produce ‘hidden gem’ candidates that would have been completely off our radar in a traditional process.

Having seen many careers develop from Analyst to MD or Partner, we wanted to bring our depth of experience to the junior market, to provide a truly consultative approach to hiring the next generation of talent.  We know that for our clients, hiring the right junior talent is critical to their long-term success.  For candidates, we understand that moves at this level can change the direction of their career.