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Roles from Internships to 10 years of experience
within Financial Services across Europe

Hiring Circle empowers even the most time poor candidates; it isn't just a job site for the here and now, it's a career platform designed to help you plan for your future career too. Effortlessly browse and apply for roles, access recruitment professionals, gain valuable insight and research potential employers all in one place. 


View opportunities and watch videos of employers describing the role.  Apply, ask an anonymous question or request a call.


Your profile is completely confidential.  Discreetly see who’s hiring without the need for multiple calls and covert coffees.  


Whether actively looking or keeping an eye on the market, you decide which opportunities interest you and which don't.

Considering the next step in your career?

Since its launch in January 2019, the Hiring Circle platform has helped candidates gain access to relevant, interesting opportunities, and gain offers in roles from M&A to distressed debt to private equity. Registering is free and completely confidential.

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How it Works

Getting Started is Easy

It's free and completely confidential. You'll gain access to roles on the buy and sell-side as well as further content to help you in your career decisions and interview preparation. To join you can be referred by an existing member or submit your details to a member of our team for review.

Receive Alerts

You'll receive alerts based on your experience and preferences so you'll instantly know the moment your ideal role is posted or when one of your preferred employers is hiring.  We bring the market to you so even if you're travelling or swamped on a deal you won't miss out.


The platform allows you to confidentially ask a question about a role or ask a member of the highly experienced Hiring Circle team for advice. Then simply complete your profile, upload your CV and apply in a few clicks.  We won't change or edit your application.

Why Hiring Circle is Different

We're no ordinary job board.  We don't stop at providing access to relevant opportunities, we help you navigate the market with bespoke content including employer insight, interview preparation and invaluable career advice from senior bankers and investment professionals.

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We are specialists

The bespoke platform only hosts roles relevant to its membership. Roles are posted by a range of organisations from leading search firms, recruitment agencies and internal recruiters and wherever possible are branded for complete transparency.


Roles from internships to 10 years' experience:

Banking & Advisory including Corporate Finance, M&A, ECM, DCM, Credit Analyst, Corporate Broking, Equity Research, Leveraged Finance, Restructuring, Transaction Services, Strategy & Management Consulting, Corporate Development

Alternative Assets including Private Equity, Credit, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Investor Relations, Fund Raising, FinTech

Accounting & Finance with roles for ACAs from the BIG 4 or other leading accountancy firms. CIMAs from a range of industries

FAQs for Candidates

What is Hiring Circle?

Hiring Circle is a specialist career platform providing its members with access to relevant job opportunities and expert career advice.  We cover roles across Investment Banking (M&A, Leveraged Finance, Capital Markets, Credit & Equity Research), Alternative Asset Management as well as roles in Accounting & Finance for qualified ACAs and CIMAs.

How does it differ from other job boards?

Hiring Circle is more than a typical job board.  The roles posted on the platform are not publicly viewable so organisations are happier to disclose detailed information and additional colour such as team structure and compensation details.  In addition to this, recruitment firms are often comfortable to reveal their client so candidates benefit from transparency from the outset.  Unlike other job boards, hiring managers or headhunters are able to post videos of themselves talking about the role and often include further information on culture and career progression.  Hiring Circle is not only a job board but a career site too.

What kinds of roles will I find on Hiring Circle?

We specialise in banking and advisory, finance and accounting and investing roles for candidates with up to 10 years’ experience.  The platform hosts roles from funds, banks and advisory firms seeking to hire directly, as well as leading recruitment and search firms working on their behalf.  By only focussing on these specialist areas, job searches aren’t diluted with other irrelevant roles and information. 

Is Hiring Circle a recruitment firm?

No, Hiring Circle is not a recruitment firm, for example we do not manage interview processes or negotiate contracts.  We do advertise live roles and provide career advice and up-to-date market insights for the banking, finance and accounting space.  We are an online platform facilitating the introduction of candidates to employers and vice versa, but with a human element; the team behind the platform are all ex-industry or headhunters and are always on-hand to answer questions and assist in any way we can.

How much does it cost?

Absolutely nothing.  Hiring Circle is free for candidates to use and it's also completely confidential.  Organisations pay to post positions.

Is it worth registering if I’m not looking?

Absolutely.  Even if you’re not actively looking, having access to the platform is a great way to stay in touch with the market without having to find the time to speak with multiple head-hunters.  Aside from access to the job board, you will also benefit from access to exclusive articles and insights, not all of which are available on the public site.  If your dream role does arise, you’ll get to hear about it at the earliest opportunity.  It’s not just a job site for the here and now, it’s a career platform designed to help you plan for your future career too.

Can employers view my profile?

No one can see your profile unless you apply for a job and then your application will be visible to that employer.  You can be confident that you can browse opportunities in complete confidentiality.

How do I register?

Simply complete the registration form on the website which only takes a few minutes and a member of our team will review your application within a maximum of 48 hours (but often a lot sooner).

What if I need to contact someone?

You can contact a member of the Hiring Circle team who will be happy to assist you with any queries you may have about the platform or your application on our email address  You can also contact the person recruiting or hiring manager for specific roles directly when logged in.

Why did you set up Hiring Circle?

We felt there had to be a better way to attract and hire talent in the digital age and we also wanted to improve the candidate experience.  We listening to what candidates wanted and what they thought was currently lacking.  We launched Hiring Circle January 2019 as a proof of concept – we wanted to offer candidates a transparent and efficient way to view opportunities without losing the valuable input that an experienced recruiter can bring.  We were amazed by the quality of candidates that joined the platform and the positive feedback we received.  However, we knew that to really bring the market to candidates, we needed to grow.  Now, Hiring Circle posts financial services roles from leading recruitment firms, headhunters, in-house teams at leading institutions as well as smaller advisory firms and funds who are running their own processes.