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Private Equity Executives

Background: Horizon were seeking several hires for their team.  With a broad criteria they were using a variety of strategies to source candidates including advertising on LinkedIn and recruitment agencies.

Outcome: They listed their role on Hiring Circle and received a high number of quality applications.  They added a qualifying question regarding the candidates’ interest in technology which proved very useful as an initial screening with three candidates making it to final round (one from a boutique, one from Big 4 and one from a strategy consultancy) and one offer being made.

Analyst, TMT

Background: PWP were seeking a third year analyst for their TMT team.  A search had already been completed and an offer accepted but the candidate had subsequently changed their mind.  This meant that the process needed to start from scratch but that a lot of the obvious candidates in the market had already been approached.

Outcome: The Hiring Circle platform was able to shortlist within a week with candidates from large investment banks, boutiques and Big 4.  A top-ranked female candidate from a leading investment bank’s UK team was subsequently hired.

Portfolio Monitoring Analyst

Background: Be-Spoke Capital were looking for a portfolio monitoring analyst for their recently opened London office.  The candidate needed strong accounting and credit skills and critically needed to be a Spanish speaker, narrowing the candidate pool considerably.

Outcome: The platform was able to cast the net wide across London and Spain and produced a shortlist of ten candidates from backgrounds including Big 4, investment banking, rating agencies and credit funds.  A native Spanish speaker working at a direct lending fund was ultimately the successful candidate.

Associate - Performing Credit

Background: Oak Hill's performing credit team were seeking an associate.  They were open to a range of backgrounds including leveraged finance, corporate finance, debt advisory and restructuring.  They had a preference for a qualified ACA but wanted to also see candidates from investment banks.

Outcome: The platform attracted 70 applications from banks, funds and Big 4. 9 were shortlisted and 6 interviewed.  A female candidate from the Big 4 in Ireland was the outstanding candidate and was offered and accepted the role. It was clear that this candidate wouldn't have been found using traditional search methods.


Who can post roles on Hiring Circle?


Our platform provides those managing their own processes with the tools to reach outstanding talent including passive candidates who wouldn't typically respond to a job posting. 


For both search and contingent mandates, we enable firms to cast the net wider to create strong and diverse shortlists, maximising the chances of finding the best candidates, and all with exceptional efficiency.  

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