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Private Equity Associates

Background: A Private Equity Fund focused on investments in high-growth technology and business services companies were seeking several hires for their team.  They were keen to see candidates from a variety of backgrounds (investment banking, consulting and Big 4) meaning the relevant candidate population was large.  They had previously used a variety of strategies to source candidates including advertising on LinkedIn and other recruitment firms.

Outcome: The Hiring Circle platform was able to cast the net wide over the relevant population reaching more candidates than would be possible with traditional search.  Given the funds focused on tech-enabled businesses we also added a qualifying question regarding the candidates’ interest in technology which proved very useful as part of our screening process.  Three candidates reached the final round (one from a boutique, one from Big 4 and one from a strategy consultancy) with an offer being made.

Private Equity Associates

Background: A leading global private markets firm wanted to reduce their reliance on headhunters when hiring junior investment professionals and move to a direct hire model.  They had found that public job boards failed to attract the right talent and traditional outreach was too time consuming for an already bust talent acquisition team.

Outcome: By using Hiring Circle’s private platform to advertise their roles, the firm were able to direct engage with relevant, motivated talent and in the their first two months of using the platform hired two analyst and an associate for their investment teams, saving over £60k in fees.

Investment Banking Analyst, TMT

Background: An Elite Boutique were seeking a senior analyst for their TMT team.  A search had already been completed by another firm and an offer accepted but the candidate had subsequently changed their mind.  This meant that the process needed to start from scratch but that a lot of the obvious candidates in the market had already been approached.

Outcome: The Hiring Circle platform was able to cast the net over candidates with relevant experience that had not already been approached, producing a shortlist of motivated candidates within a week. A top-ranked female candidate from a top-tier investment bank’s UK team was subsequently hired.  The candidate had relevant sector experience but being in a country team, had not previously been made aware of the role.

Portfolio Monitoring Senior Associate

Background: A Direct Lending Fund were looking for a portfolio monitoring analyst for their recently opened London office.  The candidate needed strong accounting and credit skills and critically needed to be a Spanish speaker, narrowing the candidate pool considerably.

Outcome: The platform was able to cast the net wide across London and Spain and produced a shortlist of ten candidates from backgrounds including Big 4, investment banking, rating agencies and credit funds.  A native Spanish speaker working at a direct lending fund was ultimately the successful candidate.

Investment Associate - Performing Credit

Background: A leading investment firm were seeking an Associate to join their performing credit team.  They were open to a range of backgrounds including leveraged finance, corporate finance, debt advisory and restructuring.  They had a preference for a qualified ACA but wanted to also see candidates from investment banks.

Outcome: The reach of the platform, was able to help produce a shortlist including candidates from investment banking, those already working on the buy-side and the Big 4. Six candidates were progressed to interview.  A female candidate from the Big 4 in Ireland was the outstanding candidate and was offered and accepted the role. It was clear that this candidate would have unlikely to have been identified using traditional search methods.

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