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Leveraging the power of our innovative platform transforms the way organisations source talent

Hiring Circle is a highly specialised and sophisticated talent marketplace where firms can discreetly attract and engage with relevant candidates.  The power of technology combined with human expertise gives those seeking talent, unparalleled reach and employers a place to showcase their organisation and culture to the talent they want to capture. 

Hiring Circle will enhance your searches

Hiring Circle gives instant access to relevant talent, giving unparalleled reach and removing many of the limitations of typical recruitment processes. The platform succeeds where other job boards fail and improves the efficiency and capacity of consultants and researchers.   Please get in touch for further details.

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How it Works

Getting Started is Easy
Post a Role

Post your role on the site. You can upload a video to add more colour to the opportunity and include compulsory qualifying questions where appropriate. Roles can be employer branded or more discreet when required. 

Engage with Candidates

Relevant candidates are notified. They can apply or recommend someone within their network. Anyone requiring further information can ask an anonymous question or reveal their profile to request a conversation.

Create a Shortlist

Filter and sort applications by employer type, level and/or skills to effortlessly review the most relevant CVs.  All applications include full compensations details, notice period and experience summary.

Proven Track Record

The Hiring Circle platform has consistently produced exceptional shortlists and helped its thousands of members secure interviews and positions at leading advisory firms and credit and private equity funds. Take a look at some of our success stories.

Success stories

Recruiter FAQs

Is Hiring Circle a job board?

Not in the traditional sense.  Job boards are generic, produce large numbers of irrelevant CVs and are often disregarded by candidates in our markets, especially if they are not actively looking.  Our platform is unique: it is built to work for candidates and generates quality and relevant applications.  Here are a few things we do differently:

  • We are highly specialised - we only focus on investment banking and advisory, corporate development and alternative asset management. Only candidates that have relevant experience in these areas can access our roles.
  • Reinvented job posts - because the jobs posted on our platform are not publicly viewable, they can be far more detailed and transparent, and they allow interaction with candidates who may have questions or would like a discussion before applying.
  • Unparalleled reach - we use tech to enhance what we do, not replace human expertise.  The combination of a bespoke technology platform with real knowledge of how recruitment works, allows us to be more effective in reaching and engaging talent.
  • Engagement - we are a destination site for both passive and active candidates.  We have thousands of visitors accessing our unique content providing insight into specific roles or organisations as well as specialised career advice, interviews, and inspiration.

How much does it cost?

We have a range of packages designed to fit specific needs from pay as you go to subscriptions. Please contact us at to discuss your requirements with a member of our team.

Can I search a candidate database?

It is not possible to search the full candidate database.  A big part of why candidates feel confident using Hiring Circle is because it is totally confidential and puts them in control of who sees their CV.  However, once you’ve received applications, you will search and filter these, it’s like your own database.  Also, candidates who are interested in your role but not ready to apply can contact you via the platform and you will be able to review their details before committing to a conversation.

Will other recruitment firms be able to see the roles I'm posting?

No, all roles are hidden from other Employer / Recruiter users.

We already have a dedicated research function, why do I need Hiring Circle?

If you work on retained searches and produce market maps and focus on regularly engaging with your candidates, then Hiring Circle is a fantastic enhancement of this. You’d have to be super-human to be able to know and have had a recent conversation with 100% of the relevant population for every mandate.  Hiring Circle maximises the chances of finding the best candidate every time and removes a number of the limitations of traditional search.  It helps you go further in finding the best talent for your clients.

I see candidates can request calls and ask questions.  Will I be inundated with calls and messages from candidates?

Candidates can indeed request calls and ask questions about roles and it's a really effective way to engage. However, during the process of posting a role you will be asked whether questions will be directed to you or a member of the HC Admin team.  We are very happy to help field questions with prior discussion with you.  As former headhunters we know you need to prioritise your time so if a candidate requests a call with you (to discuss a role), you’ll be able to see details of their profile before committing.

Do you recruit for roles?

No.  We specialise in identifying, attracting and engaging talent. This means our focus is on identifying relevant candidates to join our platform, creating inspiring and informative content to help them in their careers and notifying them about relevant opportunities.  Our mission is to connect the right candidates with the right roles; we don’t run processes. 

I'm recruiting for a highly confidential role.  Do I have to display the employer?

No – there is an option to advertise your role confidentially as we understand that this is sometimes necessary.  However, we recommend you disclose the employer whenever possible as our stats show that the response rate is better for branded roles.

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